The Maritime Online Platform

One Maritime is an innovative online platform built by the maritime industry, for the maritime industry.

Our worldwide system blends best of breed Microsoft software technologies, maritime industry intelligence and functionality, with up to date industry information. This allows us to offer a platform to companies and organizations in the maritime industry around the world, that provides them with useful and easy to use features streamlining daily business activities on the internet.

We think of data sources and the use of data in a much different way than ever before.

One Maritime uses and mixes multiple information sources and latest technology taking multiple information searches, worldwide communication, collaboration and order processes of ship supply to the next level.

One Maritime provides ship owners, ship managers, ship suppliers, manufacturers and agents with brand new ways to collaborate with their customers and suppliers, find product related information quickly from a variety of catalogues and maritime information sources, track information relevant to their core business activities such as tracking vessels, and systems and integrations for processing and tracking  e-commerce orders and other detailed transactions.

One Maritime gives the users access to the mix of data from multiple data sources - at the same time.

It changes the way that catalogues for example will be used in the future. One Maritime will allow the users to search across information sources (multiple catalogues) faster than opening a printed catalogue and then start browsing the pages for the right information. One Maritime ensures updated information at your finger tips and it gives subscribers access to download data and update data in their back office systems in a much simpler way.

All in all, by using the power of an intelligent web based platform that is designed specifically for the maritime industry, companies can expect to see increases in efficiency, considerable time savings, and cost savings.

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